Chester Dols is a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. In his interdisciplinary practice of art and architecture, he makes speculative objects, spaces, and climates which explore concepts around queer potentiality, identity, power, and ethos. Chester is a queer futurist: exploring queerness as not only a product of gender politics, but as an identity and a framework for a future that is multivalent, metamorphic and essentially chimeric. For him, queerness is in a state of flux and tension with what is normative and conscious. Queerness exists in the future, somewhere in an anticipated, not-yet-realized, place and time.

His current research focuses around aesthetics, materiality, and functional utility. He questions how are mediums and technologies are gendered? And how we can use aesthetics and emergent technologies to encourage minority voice and visibility by means of suspending judgement, developing language, and curbing confirmation bias.

Adjacent to this investigation of queerness, Chester applies a similar systemic thinking to a practice of sustainable ecology and design. He has built robotic digital fabrication machines to 3D print ceramic material as well as living biological material which grows and matures as part of the 3D printing process. As a beekeeper in the city his research looks into the architecture and materiality of the modern honeybee hive as potential solutions to the present epidemic of colony collapse disorder and varroa mite infestations.

Chester graduated in 2012 from Columbia University with a B.A. in Architecture and a concentration in Fine Art and from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP). He is currently a design resident at the New Museum's art and technology incubator, New Inc.

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Digital Vegetation


New Museum Design Residency: New Inc.
2018-2019: New York, NY

Newtown 2050
Immersive interactive VR map of the Newtown Creek Super Fund Site. The map allows users to explore current remediation sites and re-imagine possible future interventions on a physically inaccessible site.
2017-Ongoing: New York, NY

Exhibition & Shows:

Beyond the Cradle 2019: Envisioning A New Space Age
MIT Media Lab: Space Exploration Initiative
Exhibiting sculptures queering the future.
Mar. 2019: Cambridge, Mass.

Re-Fest: Gender, Femininity and Non-Binary Society 
Culture Hub, NYC
Exhibiting: On Otherness & Queer Affect
Mar. 2019: New York, NY

New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) Group Show
Littlefield Performing Arts Space
Exhibited Asmodeus with other Electronic Sound Instruments
Dec. 2017: New York, NY

MIT Global Bio Summit
MIT Media Lab
BetaBrew was on exhibit along with other BioDesign related projects.
Sept. 2017: Cambridge, Mass.

Biodesign Challenge
MoMA’s Celeste Bartos Theater and the School of Visual Art Gallery.
‘Beecosytem’ was the winner of the Intrexon Food and Agriculture Prize. 
July 2017: New York, NY

Whipstitch: The State of Contemporary Textiles
Ann Arbor Art Center
Exhibited 3D printed garments and textiles designed in collaboration with Ohne Titel. 
Mar.- Apr. 2017: Ann Arbor, MI

ITP Winter Show 2016
Exhibited Socially Sustained Ecologies, an interactive artificial micro-ecosystem.
Dec. 2016: New York, NY

New York Fashion Week
Collaboration with Ohne Titel 3D Printed Garments.
Feb. 2016: New York, NY

Re-Making Patterns
South Street Seaport’s Cultural District
Exhibited a collaborative garment, Amphibia, was displayed with other 3D printed wearable.
Sept. 2015: New York, NY

Ethnic Costume Exhibit
Mode Museum Provincie Antwerpen
Exhibited a 3D printed samurai armour replica.
Feb.- July 2015: Antwerp, Belgium


3DPrint Ohne Titel’s 3D printed fashions turn heads at NY Fashion Week by Tess, Feb. 2016

3D Printing Industry 3D Printing Continues to Awe at NYFW with Ohne Titel Collection by Tyler Koslow, Feb. 2016 Ohne Titel Wows at New York Fashion Week with Shapeways 3D Print Dress by Michael A. Parker, Feb. 2016

The Creators Project NYFW Dispatch: Inside the Computational Fashion Master Class by Kate Messinger, Oct. 2015

HyperAllergic 3D Printing the Future of Fashion by Alexander Cavaluzzo, Sept. 2015



Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
Interactive Telecommunications Program, MPS
2016-2018: New York, NY

Eyebeam Computational Fashion Master Class
Computational design course for garments and textiles
Summer 2015: New York, NY

Columbia College, Columbia University
BA Architecture
2008-2012: New York, NY

Fashion Institute of Technology
Technical Fashion Design, Patternmaking Certificate
2009-2010: New York, NY

Select Work Experience:

School of Visual Arts
Visible Futures Lab, Prototyping Specialist
2018-Current: New York, NY

Verona Carpenter Architecture, Junior Architect Designer
2018-Current: New York, NY

Principaled Design
Consultant and Fabricator for wearable tech.
Summer 2017: New York, NY

Ohne Titel
Collaborator and Consultant for Computational Garments
2014-2015: New York, NY

Irina Verona Architecture, Junior Architect Designer
Responsible for concept rendering, schematic design, technical drawings, physical models, and diagram development.
2015-2016: New York, NY
2011-2014: New York, NY

Teaching Experience:

Fordham University, Adjunct Instructor
New Media and Digital Design
Explorations in Digital Design & New Media
2018-2019: New York, NY

City University of New York (CUNY), Adjunct Instructor 
Entertainment Technology 
Physical Computing 
Spring 2019: New York, NY 

Columbia University, Graduate Assistant
Barnard Columbia Architecture
Environmental Visualizations
Spring 2018: New York, NY

ITP Soft Robotics, Instructor Kari Love
Guest Lectured and Workshopped 3D printed molds
for Soft Robotic Pneumatic Mechanisms.
Fall 2017: New York, NY

Barnard Columbia Architecture
Physical Computing Microcontroller Workshop Series
Fall 2017: New York, NY

ITP Camp: Coordinator Kate Hartman
Counselor and Instructor for Continuing Education Camp
Summer 2017 & 2018: New York, NY


3D Computer Modeling:
Rhino, Grasshopper, Python for Rhino, V-Ray for Rhino, Maya, AutoCAD
Architectural Model Making:
Wood, Chip Board, Plexiglas, Foam board, Lasercutting, 3D-Printing 
CNC Router, Table Saw, Circular Saw, Jigsaw, Bandsaw, Beltsander, Nail gun, Power Drill, etc. 
Graphic Design:
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom
Audition, PremierPro, AfterEffects, Fuse, Final Cut Pro
Unity Game Engine (C#), Unreal Game Engine, Vuforia
Creative Code/ Physical Computing:
Processing (Java), P5, JavaScript, MaxMSP/Jitter, Arduino (C/C++), RaspberryPi
Fashion Design:
Patternmaking, Draping, Textile Prints, Embroidery, and Sewing
Ceramics, Plaster Mold Making, Silicon and Resin Mold Making, 3D Printed Digital Molds
Silkscreen, Intaglio Print, Woodblock printing, and Photo Transfer.