Collaborators: Chester Dols (Architecture), Amy Cheung (Artist/Fashion Designer), Laura Nova (Artist)
Date: September 2015
Materials: 3D Printed Nylon, Silicone, Leather

The project was undertaken as part of Eyebeam's Computational Fashion Master Class.  Inspired by the MoMA's Rising Currents exhibit from 2010, this project speculated on garments of a wetland NYC. What was created was a survival vest which could provide fresh water and flotation, as the wearer traversed the modified urban wetlands of New York.

The vest's form was derived from colliding water droplets within a computational force simulator. The components of the assembled suit were formally inspired by amphibious and completely aquatic animals and plants ranging from frogs, sharks, crabs, diatoms, and algae. In the end, a computationally designed and 3D printed flexible textile was produced from interlocking lace units which functioned as the larger armature for the silicone water and air sacks located on the shoulders and hips. The vest was envisioned as an unisex accessory that could be worn over any garment.