On Otherness & Queer Affect

Collaborator: Shader Render by Oren Shoham 
Date: May 2018
Materials: 3D Printed Resin, Speakers, Shader Projection Mapping

On Otherness and Queer Affect is an interactive installation designed to encourage conversations and raise awareness around biopolitics and queer issues. It is composed of three intersex sculptures which exhibit life and sentience through light and sound.

The installation specifically examines abjection of queer identities within normative society. The way power is distributed and obtained in society is dependent on how one identify and how one is identified. Identification is a process that is often violent and debilitating toward minority identities. Queer identities are often identified as delicate and sinful lacking physical ability, moral judgement, and intelligence.

The intersex sculptures are gender fluid. They express unique genders which often transition dependent on the viewers gaze. The objects are 3D printed in optically clear resin to give them an elevated feeling of preciousness or value. Light is projection mapped through the objects to give vibrancy to their bodies. Speakers are built into every object to give Voice. From a far, these sentient beings are radiant and full of life, but as one moves closer the objects react and diminish, becoming more muted and less vibrant. Your intrusion within their space silences them, but their lack of participation renders you frustrated and powerless.

This project is part of a larger investigation of whether spectacle and aesthetics can be used to curb confirmation bias through the means of curbing judgement.